Website Design

Your website should never be finished…

Did you read that right? Yes. Yes you did. Let me tell you the reason. Websites today are meant to be fluid. They need to move and need to be current. You do not want a static website. You will lose rankings in google searches if your content hasn’t been updated in a while. Of course, there will be static pages with your basic company information. But, you need to go beyond that with your website.  You will keep content at the forefront by having a blog, weekly/monthly newsletter. It will also, give your viewers a reason to come back to your site regularly. This will in turn increase your analytics and rankings! I will help you with, not only the design, but also the functionality, SEO readability, photography, link social media, and all the other moving parts on the back-end of your website.

After the design is complete, let me help you maintain the website and keep it fluid.

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